Do you shoot in a range of styles?

Absolutely. I see it as my job to use my creativity to help you achieve the image you are looking for. 

I’ve seen some photos I really like; can you copy the style?

I love working with different styles and adapting visual references that clients bring to me. Send me some visual references with your enquiry and I will work out how to adapt our shoot to create the style you are looking for. As an artist, however I am reluctant to simply copy something made by someone else.

What are the influences on your work?

The look of ‘Film Noir’ is something I really enjoy using in shoots . I also love Golden Age of Hollywood glamour; one of my heroes is George Hurrell and I enjoy adapting his style for portraits. Another influence is Renaissance and Mannerist painting, which helps me with composition. The biggest influence though is still you and the inspiration you give to me.

I am a long way from you; how far do you travel?

Though I am based near London, I am happy to travel to shoots within England and Wales, but will require you to cover travel expenses – normally a return rail ticket.

Do you do shoots in public locations?

I am happy to do so provided it is within the bounds of what is acceptable in a public space. Certain things that could be shot in private obviously could not be done in public.

Do you offer makeup for your shoots?

I’m not a makeup artist. I do my own drag makeup, but that is my limit. If you require a makeup artist I can arrange for a professional to join the shoot, but that would obviously add to the cost. Or you could bring your own artist to the shoot; I find most Doms and Mistresses already have a go to makeup artist they work with. 

Do you have a studio where we can shoot?

I don’t have a studio, but studio hire is perfectly straightforward to arrange. There would be extra cost if studio hire is required. You are welcome to arrange a studio yourself.

How long does a shoot normally take?

That is variable, but a simple shoot might only take a couple of hours, but in general we would be looking at about four hours. Time is very much dictated by things such as a changes of outfits, complexity of setting up lighting, nature of location etc.